Mini Pilgrimage - 25th June 2006

Below are the pictures from our Charity Run. Funds were rasied for
Eastbourne & Canterbury Hospital, Childerns Wards.

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Eastbourne Gazzet on Wednesday 18 January 2006

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The Mini pilgrimage started off with a Bang!…well, lots of drink & BBQ food anyway, provided by the organizers and hosts; Rob & Helen. The next day with heavy heads after the night before (mine mainly) we set off early to start our fund raising Pilgrimage from Eastbourne District General Hospital onward to Canterbury. A good turn out of 13 cars arrived to pose for the camera & ponder over the route maps & quiz.
We set off in groups out of Eastbourne up towards Battle via Wartling & Pevensey; along route trying to answer the head scratching quiz. The drive was great with lots of fun mini windy roads!
From Battle, the route took us though the country side of Sandhurst & Newenden, up towards Tenterden & onto Biddenden Vineyard where we stopped for a bit of Lunch, a walk round the vine fields & a nose round the shop full of cider, wine & country food. All the minis arrived safely, apart from Daz & Mingie3, whose brakes had started to seize & out of all the drivers, no one had the right tool at hand! D’oh! The line of minis in the car park showed interest by other visitors, although the view was spoilt by the Lotus Elise parking in front of them (& yes, I know I’m not allowed one!). Anyway, the Vineyard staff made us quite welcome by feeding & watering us before starting up the minis & having to set off again on the last stretch of the journey to Canterbury.
From Biddenden vineyard the group headed for Canterbury…after doing an impressive ‘U’ turn half way up the road in the wrong direction…towards Bethersden, then Ashford & heading into Canterbury city. It was at this point that we remembered there was a prize for getting there first, so Simon & I (with co-driver Mumsies) had it in our nature to fulfill the challenge…so left everyone behind! (Sorry to those who were trying to follow us!)
After arriving at Canterbury & Kent Hospital greeted by Helen, all the minis rolled in gradually & the party were refreshed with tea, coffee & bubbly to celebrate a great day out!
Mum & I scrapped a win by one point over Ian & Gabriel on the route quiz, whilst Simon & Viv won the first to arrive prize (L) and the prize for the most money raised went to Alexandra, well done! Daz received the ‘Mni with character’ prize due to his brake failure & no one wanting to drive in front of him, although I think any mini Daz owns has a certain ‘character’!
The rough total raised by all for the two hospitals
was a great £1200, with still more to add up!!!
Although there wasn’t much support from the
local papers & news as we hoped,
the main support came from the teams themselves, which made it a great day, and especially the organizers themselves! So a BIG thank you to Rob & Helen for putting the event on, we hope that next year will be as good and more successful next year!

[Just so people aren’t disappointed with the review…yes I did get very drunk the night before & yes I was feeling S**t the next day!)


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